Pharrell im a hustler baby

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Skip to main content. In Search Of From there, they produced hit singles for the likes of Mase, Noreaga, Babyface and Jay-Z, among others. That gave them the freedom to bring in their artists- the hip hop duo the Clipse who went to Elektra Entertainment and Kelis who went to Read more. High school seniors and band students Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo were on the verge of graduating high school when they ran into Teddy Riley in Virginia.

I'm a Hustler Baby

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I felt so inspired by what the teacher said Said id either be dead or be a reefer head Not sure if that's how adults should speak to kids Especially when the only thing I did was speak in class Ill teach his ass Even better what my uncle did I popped my demo tape in start to beat my head Peeked out my eye, see if he was beatin' his He might as well said beat it kid, He's on the list It's like im searching for kicks Like a sneaker head You gon' keep pushing me til I reach the ledge And when I reach the ledge, I tellem all to eat a dick Take a leap of faith and let my eagle wings spread. Motivation to me, is them telling me what I could not be, oh well Im so ambitious, I might hit two sisters, Hey im on a mission, no matter what the conditions Fuck the personal issues, when u go what I been thru, hey, if you believe it, then you can conceive it. Had to lace up my boots, even harder Father is to far away to father Further, more of the kids either Smoke reefer or either move white Theres few writers, in my cipher So they made lighter, my type of Dreams seen to them, they said wise up How many guys are? You see making it from here The world don't like us, is that not clear, alright bruh Im different I cant face what im gon' be, or For what everybody isn't, they don't listen Just whispering behind my back, no vision, Lack of ambition, So Wack! Had a couple of meetings, no office yet Maybe I aint good enough for these offices Back to the drawing board, ducking officers Its all good cuz the streets, is saying?

Im A Hustler Baby

DJ Lenny Ducano. The eight I invested was now two grand, Met a busta at a club and told him I was the man Let's go Hov! I'm tryna make a black diamond or a pearl out, yeah And hit the people to the way the world twirl out, yeah And when I thank heaven for my little girl [Chorus] Please, let her be a hustla; baby, be a hustla Hope my baby girl grows up to be a hustla Let her be a hustla; baby, be a hustla If not, then you're only a customer Read about I'm A Hustla Baby feat. Get up to 3 months free.
Nobody was delivering hits like this guy. We thought it was about time to look back and rank his 50 greatest moments as a producer, singer, rapper and songwriter, ranging from to present day. Daft Punk feat. Usher feat.