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They cut a small-block Chevy V-8 in half, by slicing through the block behind the number three and four cylinders. This great package is … Storm Chassis. Our cc stage two balanced engine is by far the most popular engine we produce. Maintained with open checkbook, best of the best components with spares. Quarter Midget Racing.

USAC Midget Engines - Chevy's New Midget Engine

Design and Development Rear Engine Midget Race Car

Put a Gaerte Badfast engine under your hood and win! Stanton Racing Engines is a leading engine builder in the motorsports industry. Sometimes the simple solution is the right solution. Sprint Car Drivers. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates.

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We've often wondered what would happen if one of the heavy hitters in racing would take a lower-level, short track race engine and apply all those neat ideas they pick up in the top areas of racing. Think about it. Most of the big factories in Detroit have hard core racing programs.
This page details the design and testing of a unique for its time oval-track race car, intended to be raced in various "midget race car" organizations. The first time this car saw competition, it set the 6th fastest qualifying time in this national event. For readers unfamiliar with the term " midget race cars ", they consist of a small, lightweight, four-wheel chassis, typically in the pound category, and typically having a wheelbase of 68 to 76 inches, a maximum width of 68 to 70 inches, and a methanol-fueled, limited displacement engine. They are a bit smaller than sprint cars, but hardly fit the name "midget". I am over 6'5" tall, and many of my competitors were large as well, and fit nicely into these race cars.