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Pune Boy Creates Stunning Picture of Moon by Processing 50,000 Images Totalling 186GB


A year-old boy from Pune, Maharashtra, has created one of the most beautiful and detailed three-dimensional images of the Moon by compositing 50, images. Prathamesh Jaju, who describes himself as an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer, said the massive number of images over GB data he had to work with almost killed his laptop while processing. After all that he did, the image was almost 50 megapixels huge, which he has downscaled for mobile phone viewing. The compositing technique is often used in photography to combine images from various visual sources to create the illusion that all the elements are part of the same scene. The brown and bluish-grey tones of the Moon depicted the different mineral compositions on the lunar surface. The lunar craters are clearly visible in the extremely high-resolution image. A post shared by Prathamesh Jaju prathameshjaju.

'Clearest pic of moon' captured by 16-year-old Pune boy wins internet, goes viral

The Moon is perhaps the most fascinating celestial body in the night sky to gaze at with the naked eye. A glowing ball in the dark heavens, capturing its beauty in different forms, through waxing and waning phases, is an absolute delight for astro-photographers. The fact that it is located at a distance of , km from our home planet makes it quite easy for telescopes, digital cameras and even modern-day smartphones to capture the Moon in all its glory. Despite the easy access, however, taking an extremely clear shot of the Moon—one which actually highlights all its features—is very tricky. But a teenager recently managed to shoot one of the most detailed images of the Moon; a photograph that is sure to leave you awestruck.
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