Amateur surgeon christmas

Duration: 10min 48sec Views: 1880 Submitted: 19.08.2020
Category: College
Jetting around the globe, Alan has an unfortunate accident - he collides with Santa's Sleigh! In Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition you find Alan at the North Pole, with the Santa's wounded crew and only a selection of elf tools to fix them all up! You'll need a steady hand to safely sew everyone up so Santa can get back to delivering Christmas presents. Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition is a funny, if slightly gruesome iPhone game. Each of the five levels sees you performing various procedures on a patient. You'll need to remove debris, make incisions and seal wounds and more using the various tools at your disposal.

Generic the Elf

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition

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Amateur Surgeon - Christmas Edition

He acts as the deutaragonist for Alan Probe. Generic was tending to his duties until Alan had crashed into Santa's workshop with his jet, injuring the unlucky elf. Upon healing Generic, he is quick to berate Alan for his screw-ups.
We're rallying new Supporters to help us keep ads off Newgrounds! Please consider becoming a Supporter today! Shout out to travsaus for megaphone tankman! Got a new game for you to celebrate the season with. It's the Christmas Edition of Amateur Surgeon.