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Walked in, went into the room, got undressed. There was a robe hanging, so I put it on, slipped my Nicole is as angel. She took me to my massage room by the hand. There she instructed me to undress and put on a robe and shoes provided. She then reentered the room and again took me by the hand to another room with the table shower.

What Is an Asian Table Shower?

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Asian table shower is similar to the Vichy shower. It is a way to cleanse the body before a massage. In this process, the water splashed on the body to cleanse open pores and skin. Before going to a table shower, you should remove your clothes and enter into a room where one or more flat tables available.

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The Asian table shower is offered at many Asian spas and is a simple way to cleanse the body before a massage. It is similar to and often called a Vichy shower, in which water is splashed over the body before a treatment to cleanse skin and open pores. In most cases, all clothing must be removed before entering the shower room, which may have one or several flat tables. After bathing thoroughly, you will be directed to the shower table and told whether to lay first on your back or on your stomach.
We've Added New Words! Sometimes we don't need fancy words—even for fancy things. A table shower is a special type of self-draining table fitted with shower heads for use in massage, including erotic ones. While water has long been used for therapeutic purposes, the exact origin of table showers is unclear.