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We offer trips to fit all riding levels and we want to help you select the best Cycling House trip for you. Our goal is to make all trips fun for everyone, which is why we offer trips to accommodate all riding levels and types. Depending on your riding level, some trips are better than others. These descriptions are meant to be loose guidelines for helping you find your comfort level, but sometimes a phone call or email is the easiest way to decide if a trip is right for you.

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Cycling average speed: 16 tips to cycle faster - BikeRadar

Said friend lived colossal distances away. About of your adult metres. We would go on bike adventures that strayed a massive metres from our homes. We were 7 years old and bikes were something to play with. Not exactly what you might call a cyclist. For many this is where our relationship with the bike ends. Yet an increasing number of us are rediscovering the humble bicycle.

Average Bike Speed – How Do You Compare?

The average speed of a cyclist is among the most frequently asked questions by inexperienced riders. However, it is one of the most difficult questions to answer. If you want to know what the average cycling speed by age is, there are numerous factors you need to account for.
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