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Sandwiched in between harrowing depictions of DiCaprio's smacked-up character Jim Carroll experimenting with hard drugs, it's a bit weird that this second episode got all the attention it did. After all, the film is about a high school Basketball Jones who spirals out of control and resorts to shooting up heroin, not a kid who can't get laid. But as for the near-instantaneous spot of self-service? It's a moment we've culturally deemed worthy of guiltily replaying in our minds, long before we knew what the Pussy Posse was really up to between takes.


Problems with Scott Kalvert's Film - Basketball Diaries Background -

Brittany Daniel. Film adaptation of street tough Jim Carroll's epistle about his kaleidoscopic free fall into the harrowing world of drug addiction. As a member of a seemingly unbeatable high school basketball squad, Jim's life centers around the basketball court and the court becomes a metaphor for the world in his mind. A best friend who is dying of leukemia, a coach "Swifty" who takes unacceptable liberties with the boys on his team, teenage sexual angst, and an unhealthy appetite for heroin -- all of these begin to encroach on young Jim's dream of becoming a basketball star. Soon, the dark streets of New York become a refuge from his mother's mounting concern for her son. He can't go home and his only escape from the reality of the streets is heroin for which he steals, robs and prostitutes himself. Only with the help of Reggie, an older neighborhood friend with whom Jim "picked up a game" now and then, is he able to begin the long journey back to sanity.

The Basketball Diaries

Leonardo Dicaprio taught me to masturbate. Firstly it was the mechanics. I had been told that wanking was depraved and dirty; it was something you accused others of doing, but never did yourself. I knew it involved touching your genitals, but the actual act itself was a mystery. I stopped the video, went into the bathroom and later emerged, wad and mind blown.
Can an acting tour de force redeem a muddled movie? DiCaprio is electrifying in a bust-out star performance that charged the Sundance Film Festival in January and will spark more award talk when Diaries opens nationwide in April. DiCaprio plays Jim Carroll, the Irish Catholic street kid from New York who was 13 years old in when he began writing a diary about shooting hoops and heroin.