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In Utah, members of a militia claim their presence deters protesters from becoming violent and destroying the state. Their short-term goal, they say, is to act as a physical presence of intimidation to deter protesters from becoming violent and destroying the state of Utah. Their long-term goal: to arm and prepare the state of Utah against underground movements they believe will incite civil war. The group was conceived in reaction to a Black Lives Matter protest against police brutality organized by different groups in Provo, Utah, on 29 June. That day, a white protester pulled out a gun and shot another white man, who was not protesting but driving his vehicle into the protest route.

Kyle Rittenhouse, American Vigilante

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Shortly after noon on September 26th, about fifteen hundred antifascists gathered on the lawn of Peninsula Park, in Portland, Oregon. Some wore black bloc—the monochromatic clothing that renders militant activists anonymous to law enforcement—but the event was family-friendly, and most attendees had dressed accordingly. Booths set up in a leafy grove offered herbal teas and tinctures, arts and crafts, condoms and morning-after pills, radical zines, organic vegetables. Other Presidential statements have been harder to make light of.

The birth of a militia: how an armed group polices Black Lives Matter protests

The proliferation of digital video has exposed abuses of power that in the past often remained hidden. It has also allowed people to watch shocking footage and make pronouncements about it on social media before knowing all the facts. Last summer, Americans were still reeling from the excruciating sight of a Minneapolis police officer slowly killing George Floyd when another violent encounter unfolded, with seemingly similar clarity. On the afternoon of Sunday, August 23rd, three police officers tried to arrest a man outside a fourplex in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
A "Patriot Rally" protester sprays mace as a security guard, hired by 9News, fires his weapon at the protester, killing him, during two dueling protests in downtown Denver on Saturday, Oct. A private security guard hired by a news outlet is in police custody after allegedly shooting and killing a protester during a far-right "Patriot Rally" and a left-wing counterprotest in Denver on Saturday. Denver Police said Sunday that year-old Matthew Dolloff is "being held for investigation of first degree murder" in connection with the shooting. This remains an active investigation; any additional updates will be released as it becomes available. The incident occurred during two heated dueling protests — the "Patriot Rally," in support of police, and a counterprotest, "BLM-Antifa Soup Drive," that was planned in response to the rally.