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February 4, As a geeky-looking teenager, he started in a garage and created the world's biggest software company. He then became the world's richest man and the world's most prominent philanthropist. Bill Gates is now back in a hands-on role at Microsoft, the company he co-founded in , which has been losing ground against rivals in the new tech landscape. In a shake-up announced Tuesday, Gates, 58, assumes a new title—a board member who is "founder and technology advisor," while giving up the role of chairman, while Indian-born Satya Nadella, 46, becomes Microsoft's third CEO. It represents a new chapter for Gates, who left as CEO in as he handed the company reins to Steve Ballmer to devote more time to his charitable foundation.

This is what Bill Gates would tell his teenage self

Advice Bill Gates Would Give to His Year-Old Self

If you want to be the best at something, billionaire Bill Gates suggests thinking back to whatever you obsessed over as a teenager. Of course, in Gates' case, the activity he obsessed over as a teenager growing up in Seattle was writing software — and that hobby worked out pretty well. Gates went on to co-found Microsoft and become a millionaire in his 20s. He's is now a billionaire the second-wealthiest person in the world. Gates, who says he was "obsessed with software from a very young age," famously started writing software as a student at Seattle's private Lakeside School, where he would meet fellow Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The first software program Gates ever wrote was a digital version of the game tic-tac-toe that could be played against a computer. Though Gates showed an early aptitude for coding, he says he had to be hard on himself to improve his skills to the point where he was one of the best.

Bill Gates: From teen geek to world's richest man

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