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For some, the intimate connection between blood and intercourse is sexually stirring. The smell, sight, and texture of blood may be arousing, too. They may also enjoy using instruments, like knives and scalpels, to draw bits of blood to the skin. Some even like licking or drinking blood.

16 Things to Know About Hematolagnia, or Blood Play

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This article is part of an ongoing series in which Ravishly editor Katie Tandy explores the psychology behind a fetish, and writer Jetta Rae DoubleCakes crafts a piece of erotic fiction that reveals how it would manifest in a sexual encounter. Color Me Kinky refers to the "hanky code," a system in which certain colors connote one's sexual interests and proclivities in public spaces. Stay tuned for more science-smut next week, but right now? Revel in bloodlust. There is perhaps no other substance or symbol more potent than blood; nothing more intrinsically bound up in the sinewy cockles of our collective unconscious. Blood is at the very crux of our physical being—every one of us has about a gallon coursing through our veins and arteries; it transports oxygen throughout our body and staves off infection.

Color Me Kinky: Blood Fetish

What ever happened to the simple pleasures of just, you know, doing it? Ghetto grannies, though, are tame compared to these 20 interesting, odd, very real sexual fetishes. Time to broaden your viewing experiences! Agalmatophilia is the attraction to inanimate objects You know, like statues, dolls, and mannequins.
The human brain works in crazy ways. It seems that falling in love, or lovemaking sex, to use the word in a crude sense was not enough, they had to invent ways to make it more interesting. In a way the human mind needed ways which enticed it more. Fetishes, serve that purpose. Some say that fetishes are a result of old childhood memories or experiences that our brains have counter-intuitively come to associate with pleasure.