Blow in her face

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One character blows cigar or cigarette smoke in another character's face as an expression of defiance, dominance, or just plain jerkassery. The person on the receiving end may react in a number of ways, from stoically putting up with it, to casually wafting it away, to breaking into a racking fit of coughing. In cartoons the cloud of smoke may dissipate to reveal an Ash Face. A Sub-Trope of Good Smoking, Evil Smoking ; this behaviour will generally be an indicator of an Evil Smoker, although a good Cigar Chomper may be able to get away with it especially if the target has earned his contempt. In a movie where almost everybody smokes, this trope was bound to happen to one of the protagonists

Blow It In Her Face

Blow It In Her Face - song by Baby Bash, Cousin Fik, Driyp Drop | Spotify

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Blow It In Her Face (feat. Cousin Fik & Driyp Drop) - Single

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