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In the middle of the lake at Nathan Benderson Park, a foot long pink canoe rocks lightly in the wake of a passing boat. Inside, 20 women sit two by two on narrow benches. Each holds a single paddle just above the water's surface. Standing at the back of the boat is Angela Long, the coach and steersperson for Sarasota-based dragon boat team, Survivors In Sync.

Breast cancer survivors' dragon boating

Breast Cancer And Dragon Boat Racing: The Story Behind A Movement | Only A Game

All Rights Reserved. Terms of use and Your privacy. That was the opposite of the truth. Some were in their early 30s, others in their late 70s; some have the toned physiques of personal trainers, others not so much. But the women of GoPink! DC share two life experiences: They have all survived breast cancer and taken up the ancient Chinese sport of dragon boat racing.

How Dragon Boat Racing Gave Breast Cancer Survivors Back Their Bodies

It turns life upside down. It can make you feel alone. Enter a movement that breast cancer survivors around the country are joining in force: dragon boat racing, a 2,year-old ancient Chinese water sport.
This past July, Florence, Italy, hosted an international sporting event. About 3, athletes from more than a dozen countries came to town. They were easy to spot.