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Jump to navigation. What's wrong with enjoying a bit of celebrity gossip? It doesn't do us any harm Read the article to find out if celebrities really are bad for you. Celebrities are everywhere nowadays: on TV, in magazines, online. Is this preoccupation with famous people harmless fun or is it bad for us?

20 Celebrities Accused of Being Mean in Real Life

TikTok famous: How the app is turning teenagers into celebrities - Vox

More people hate Taylor Swift and Matt Lauer. See addendum. Hating celebrities is obviously a cherished online activity, but why do we do it? Are we projecting anxiety? Attacking symbols? To more precisely understand the phenomenon, I considered the most loathsome attributes of each celebrity.

The not-so-secret life of a TikTok-famous teen

It's easy to imagine celebrities as if they are our best friends as many share elements of their daily life on social media, or take on the persona of their characters in the movies. However, a number of celebs are not at all what they appear. When encountering their devoted fans, some celebs are reportedly a major disappointment because of how rude they are in person.
Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger are the co-hosts of a podcast called Who? Rita Ora. Blac Chyna. Colton Haynes.