Cricket stripper and symonds

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Professional sport depends on its sponsors: airlines, banks, finance houses, fast food, faster cars, alcohol one football club even thought once to align itself with a brothel, but was refused. It says, as addicts always do, that it can't do without them. But can it? Once, sport smoked heavily. When cigarette advertising was banned, makers put all their marketing money into sponsorship.

Sponsorship of sport has its consequences but abuse and addiction shouldn't be a part of them

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Dhoni's got a gun Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently the blue-eyed boy of Indian cricket. The World Twenty20 win last year, the eye-popping IPL salary, the victory against world-beating Australia in the recent Test series - it seems he can do no wrong. So when he was asked by the Ranchi District Arms Magistrate to produce a character certificate before he could get a gun licence, a section of his fans were outraged. Their efforts didn't go in vain; the Ranchi district administration withdrew their request, saying a person of Dhoni's stature needed no reference. All for a good cause What is today's cricketer's favourite hobby? Stuart Broad, Alastair Cook and James Anderson did it earlier this year for Everyman, the UK's leading campaigner against male cancer, and now it's Australia's cricketers in a calendar to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation for breast cancer. Glenn McGrath, who retired last year, thanked the players for their support but added: "I'm actually quite glad the calendar is happening now rather than a few years ago as I'm not sure how much notice I would have needed to feel comfortable getting my shirt off.

Sporting streakers' long history laid bare

The flap over Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds being subjected to racist taunts by sections of the crowd in Vadodara and Mumbai underlines this. The only non-white, Afro-Caribbean member of the Australian side, Mr Symonds had seemed unstoppable on the pitch throughout the Future Cup ODI series, choosing to let his explosive batting do most of the talking. But in the last two ODIs in Vadodara and Mumbai, spectators heckled him, calling him a monkey and taunting him with ape-like motions. Cricket is not quite bridge and no one minds spectators making a bit of noise. But when people start making racist — or, for that matter, religion-based — comments they cross the limits of acceptable behaviour.
The streaker who stole the stage - and potentially influenced the outcome of the match - in the closing stages of the State of Origin decider on Wednesday night will take his place on an infamous roll-call of dubious characters who have shed their dignity, clothes and the right to attend future sporting events. The year-old, identified in media reports as Wati Holmwood of Tempe in Sydney, ran almost the length of the field on Wednesday night, tripping just short of the try line two minutes from full time. He was immediately pounced on by bouncers who flung a tarp over his naked body but not before pictures of his bald, bulky, bare form were captured by thousands of camera phones and official photographers at the match. Andrew Symonds lets streaker Robert Ogilvie have it, unleashing a shoulder charge on the nude Brisbane mine worker during his pitch invasion at the Gabba. Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds escaped assault charges when will he pole-axed streaker Robert Ogilvie during a one-day final against India in March