Do vinegar kill sperm

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Top answers from doctors based on your search:. Can drinking vinager kill sperm the next day? Randy Baker answered. Holistic Medicine 40 years experience. NO: I have no idea where you heard this and there is absolutely no truth to it! Read More.

Does vinegar kill sperm

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And though this is not the sort of thing that could lead to a new version of the Pepsi Challenge, the researchers said they found marked differences in the ability of four different Coca-Cola formulations to act as a spermicide. At the same time, they warned against the use of soft drinks of any kind as douches after intercourse to prevent pregnancy. While there are differences among soft drinks, all fail as effective contraceptives, the researchers noted. The formula has been guarded jealously for decades. The improbable conclusion about Coke--reached by three researchers who admitted they undertook the study as much because they thought the premise funny as anything else--is being published today in, of all places, the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Some people may wish to remove semen from the vagina after sex, either for hygienic reasons or to try to prevent pregnancy. However, once semen enters the cervix through the vaginal canal, there is no scientifically proven way to remove it. There are a few ways to clean the vagina and the areas around it safely. However, if someone wishes to avoid becoming pregnant, they should seek appropriate medical advice.
The belief is that the acidity of the vinegar will kill sperm and ultimately prevent pregnancy. It supposedly washes the sperm out of the vaginal canal, however this is not the case. Precum itself should not contain any sperm and can therefore not cause pregnancy on its own. This sperm can get flushed out by precum aka, the precum would then contain sperm , and together would have a chance to cause pregnancy. Urinating can flush out any leftover sperm in the urethra.