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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. In this descriptive cross-sectional study, married women aged between 15 and 49 years of Torbat Heydariyeh City in , were studied. Most of the subjects The results indicate that being housewife, number of current children, having children of both sexes, and perceived childbearing costs are important in determining the odds that a woman will intend to have a child. These findings can contribute to the realization of new population programs towards higher fertility rate in the country.

Iran Blames Israel for Mediterranean Attack on Ship, Leaves 'All Options' on the Table

Israel's reported attacks on Iranian tankers expose it to greater risks - Israel News -

Israel is likely responsible for the recent attack on an Iranian cargo ship in the Mediterranean Sea and that Iran would consider "all options" in response, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Monday, according to reports in local media. In anticipation of a detailed opinion from the Iranian Armed Forces, Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said at a press conference that the location of the attack on the Shahre Kord vessel suggests Israel is culpable , according to the Iranian Tasnim News Agency. The press conference also covered the planned railroad linking Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in a bid to sideline the Strait of Hormuz. The spokesperson replied that Iran is closely monitoring developments and will take measures if necessary. The ship, Shahre Kord, was slightly damaged by an explosive object which caused a small fire, but no one on board was hurt, the spokesman for IRIS, Ali Ghiasian, said. The incident came on the same day as a report by the Wall Street Journal that Israel has struck at least 12 Iranian ships carrying oil to Syria in the last two years, out of fear it would fund regional extremism. Haaretz Mar.

Israel's Reported Attacks on Iranian Tankers Expose It to Greater Risks

The report published by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday about Israel's operations targeting Iranian ships explains many of the developments that have taken place in the Middle East over the last two years. It also provides, belatedly, a glimpse of the economic war that has been going on for some time between Iran and Israel. According to the report, Israel is behind 12 attacks against tankers carrying Iranian oil to Syria, starting in Some of these attacks were carried out by attaching naval mines to the vessels' hulls, causing damage but not sinking them. The Wall Street Journal confirmed earlier claims made by Syrian and Iranian agencies, such as the ones relating to an explosion that occurred on an Iranian tanker in the Red Sea in fall
For downloading the full-text of this article please click here. Background and Objective: Reproductive behavior is one of the crucial factors in population fluctuations. Decrease in fertility rate in Iran with the increasing median age in recent years, along with the aging population and shrinking young workforce are among major challenges of the future. Given the significance of the subject, this study aimed to determine the relationship between religious attitudes and reproductive behavior of women who visited health centers of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran