Facial expression of woman

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Look at the picture above. Do you think the young woman is surprised? You may be wrong. A facial expression of emotion depends not only on the face itself, but also the context in which the expression is situated. Emotions are much more complex entities than colors and thus can lead to even more confusion.

How Do You Know Which Emotion a Facial Expression Represents?

Understanding Emotions Through Facial Expressions

However, it is unclear whether social context plays a moderating role in forming trustworthiness judgments. Based on the emotions as social information EASI model, differing contexts may impact the effect of facial expression; however, there is no evidence demonstrating that differing contexts will or will not influence the effect of facial gender. In this study, we used two experiments to examine how facial expression and facial gender affect facial trustworthiness judgments and whether the effects on facial trustworthiness judgments are consistent in cooperative and competitive settings. The results showed significant main effects of facial expression and facial gender as well as the interaction between them. The results showed the main effects of facial expression, facial gender, and social context. Moreover, there was a significant interaction between facial gender and facial expression and a marginally significant interaction between social context and facial expression.

How to Read Facial Expressions

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. There has been much research on sex differences in the ability to recognise facial expressions of emotions, with results generally showing a female advantage in reading emotional expressions from the face.