Female redhead duck

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Adult female and breeding adult male. In winter on shallow coastal lagoons may do most feeding by simply dipping head underwater. Dull white to pale olive buff. Incubation is by female only, days. Young: female leads young away from nest about a day they hatch.

Redhead Ducks

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View all Diving. Redheads breed in the northern prairies of the United States and Canada and the intermountain marshes of the west. They prefer non-forested environments with water areas sufficiently deep to provide permanent and fairly dense emergent vegetation for nesting. Of the diving ducks, redheads are the most common breeders in the United States. Female redheads lay an average of eggs and are notorious for parasitizing canvasback nests.

Redhead (bird)

A collaborative conservation effort. Email this page December 3rd, InsideCostaRica. The new species consist of several ducks, two tropicbirds, and a ….
With a gleaming cinnamon head setting off a body marked in black and business gray, adult male Redheads light up the open water of lakes and coastlines. These sociable ducks molt, migrate, and winter in sometimes-huge flocks, particularly along the Gulf Coast, where winter numbers can reach the thousands. Summers find them nesting in reedy ponds of the Great Plains and West. Female and young Redheads are uniform brown, with the same black-tipped, blue-gray bill as the male.