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What Is a Foot Fetish? We Asked Experts to Explain

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When it comes to sexual attraction, we all have our own specific things that turn us on. For some, a good sense of humor does the trick, while others are all about physical chemistry. Others still have more specific turn-ons, including feet. This attraction is called a foot fetish, and to answer some common questions about it, Allure spoke with some men who proudly have foot fetishes and professional dominatrixes.

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A foot fetish is more common than most people think—here's what it means to worship feet. Many people find one specific body part especially sexy, like butts, abs, legs, or breasts. For some people, that body area is the foot—and their sexual interest in feet is an attraction better known as a foot fetish.
I like feet. Some are bemused by the level of attention I give their trotters, while others are delighted to have their toes and soles sniffed and kissed. Admittedly, I feel pretty good about that. Others however, despite my adoration, have admitted feeling self-conscious about rubbing their feet all over my face.