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Are you a redhead? Are you one of those special people whose hair ranges from pale strawberry blonde, through fiery red, to light auburn and chestnut? However, following the importation of oranges, the color orange was adopted, but too late for redheads! Even if neither of them has red hair themselves, there is still a one in four probability of them producing a lovely little redhead. Red hair appears in all races, even in African and Chinese people. The biggest population of gingers is in Northern Europe, particularly among people of Celtic origin.

30 Things Only Redheads Will Understand

13 Things You Should Never Say to a Redhead ⋆ By Forever Amber

When you have red hair, you get used to people making a Big Deal about it — for both positive and negative reasons. I like to tell people I was named after Amber St. Clare — i. Where was I? Oh yeah: when you have red hair, people mention it. A lot. Far from it.

The 18 Most Offensive Things People Say To Redheads

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Yup, all of these actually happen and it's horrifying. I think it's time to end all the hate, yeah? If that's the case, then this isn't offensive at all!