Gay men puts mouse in butt

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A year-old male arrives at the ER complaining of rectal bleeding. A speculum exam reveals bloody stool and a dead gerbil. Apparently, through the cardboard tubing from a paper towel roll, the rodent had been forced into his rectum. Once the animal was in, the tube was pulled out.

What is “Gerbiling,” Exactly?

What is "Gerbiling," Exactly? - Washington City Paper

Courtesy of Photos. Some newer readers might've missed this column when it originally appeared—some of you who were still in grade school, diapers, or amniotic sacs back in —so I'm rerunning it now because I still get questions about "gerbiling" on a daily basis. QWe were having a little office debate about "gerbiling. Do all gay men do this? Does Richard Gere?

A Highly Questionable Cultural History of Richard Gere’s Ass Gerbil

Top definition. Having a live rodent or small animal usually a gerbil and using some sort of tube, forcing the gerbil into ones asshole. No medical case has ever been recorded of someone needing to remove a gerbilfrom ones anus, so we must now come to the conclusiion that either a gerbilling doesnt exsist. B they are very good at getting the thing out afterwards. Gerbilling has many famous cases, such as richard gere reportedly having a wild session with the furry animal.
Do all gay men do this? Does Richard Gere? Does the animal get shoved up the anus with a toilet-paper roll only to suffocate seconds later? Is it the scratching or the act of killing an animal that gets people off?