Germanys average age of virginity loss

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Started by gemini , 3 Nov Posted 3 Nov With the sex and abstinence thread, I thought it might be insightful to do a little anonymous polling and see what the TTers experiences were. I clicked "yes" to STD but I didn't get it from having sex. I let some girl stay at my apartment and was even nice enough to let her have the bed while I took the couch. A week later I had scabies.

Virginity Calculator

Virginity Calculator

News City News Indians lose virginity at the average age of This story is from November 12, Indians lose virginity at the average age of India believes in playing it safe when it comes to all matters sexual.

Indians lose virginity at the average age of 19.8

A study of Swiss teenagers' sexual habits has found worrying behaviour among young boys who are sexually active but know little about contraception. Researchers say the findings show sex education should be given to children earlier, both at home and at school. The team from the Centre for Development and Personality Psychology at Basel University studied a online survey of 1, people aged ten from German-speaking Switzerland. While the results showed a stabilisation of the age at which teenagers start having sex and increased contraception use since the s, it also found that more to year-olds were having sex. They do not have a very developed sexual knowledge.
The casual observer in Germany might be forgiven for thinking the Germans are oversexed. Pornographic cinemas and blush-inducing sex shops are a familiar part of the urban landscape, while exposed breasts are a common sight on advertising billboards and magazine covers. With all that stimulating material around, it's not surprising that young Germans apparently have sex on the brain.