Google maps pics of nude wome

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From a naked man climbing out of a car boot, to an inappropriate romp in public, these snaps are guaranteed to make you chuckle. Its camera-loaded vehicles have captured plenty of instances of public nudity, and even apparent kidnappings. Google launched Street View in and since then has collected more than billion images from 87 countries. The tech "helps people virtually explore the entire world, from the depths of Antarctica to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro", according to Google. This Mum who flashed her boobs at a Google Street View car in Australia was charged with disorderly behaviour. This lets you see exactly where you've been on a given day, even tracking your methods of travel and the times you were at certain locations.

Google Maps users spot woman walking NAKED across road in daylight

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September 16, By SoberJulie 6 Comments. Growing up our house had a bay window at the front which my Mum kept covered with shears, I hated the shears because they were always in the way when I wanted to see outside. When my husband and I moved into the home we live in now I was happy to have two huge front windows which I purposefully left bare of shears. Obviously privacy is a major concern nowadays if the government has created entire branches to protect it. I love the pic, but would never post it here or any other social media due to her privacy.

Naked Woman caught on Google Maps – have you checked your address lately?

Google Maps users are often finding some weird and wonderful things on the software. Here, Daily Star Online looks at some of the most bizarre sightings of Google Maps has become a treasure trove for absurdity and conspiracy theories since it was launched in , with new features only making the experience wackier. Finding and sharing anomalies on Google Street View has become something of a hobby for some users, with people able to unearth some truly special oddities over the years. Daily Star Online has listed a meaty selection of our favourite sightings in to tide you over until the new year, including the wildest conspiracy theories and most outrageous acts of public indecency.
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