How guys trim asshole

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Want to shave the hair on your bum? Here's how. Ishan seefromthesky via Unsplash. The hair on your butt does serve a purpose; it helps minimize friction and chafing while also keeping the area ventilated and dry. Some people ask, why would someone want to do this? There are a number of horror stories about pubic shaving, but for men who can master the art, it is well worth the reward.

Butt hair removal - Questions, tips & solutions

How to Get Rid of Butt Hair: Everything to Know About Grooming Your Ass | GQ

When it comes to below-the-belt grooming, your junk generally gets all the attention. From shaving your balls to managing shaft hair , plus everything in between, the boys do their best to steal the spotlight whenever they can. And that, friend, is your ass. Get rid of it.

How to Shave Your Butt (Illustrated)

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to take your pants off in front of another person? Did you hesitate at all? There are many reasons to hold back and not want to drop your pants in front of other people.
Waxing — you can do it yourself with strips pretty easy and relatively painless for the cheeks. Waxing the crack takes more finesse so going to a professional is advised. Depilatory creams — using the cream, the hair will be removed after minutes. Reactions to the cream can occur. He uses the Brio Beardscape or Axis Trimmer , adjusting the blade down for skin safe manscaping.