I agreed to swinging

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Couple pressure sucks. Photo: Getty Images. He was incessant. He wanted threesomes. He wanted foursomes. I was a good wife.

If Your Partner Wants to Be a Swinger This Weekend, Beware

If Your Partner Wants to Be a Swinger This Weekend, Beware | | Observer

But the term "swinger" doesn't just apply to your kinky uncle Robert who attended a swingers party a half-century ago. Swingers —people in relationships who hook up with other people in relationships—are alive and well today, and the practice of "swinging" might even be more common than you think. Saynt notes that most swingers who attend NSFW play sex parties arrive together in a "quad," so they have no intention of sleeping with other people they meet at the gathering; they brought the other couple they want to have sex with. Now, there are some couples who go to sex clubs and only have sex with their partner, or who have sex alongside another committed couple. This isn't quite swinging, and would more likely be defined as group sex or exhibitionism.

Dear Mary: I coaxed my wife to try swinging and now she refuses to give it up

W e are highly educated, retired professionals who have been married for 38 years. We have always had a great sex life, but 15 years ago we added some spice to it by swinging. When my husband first suggested it, I was devastated — I thought it meant he wanted to have sex with other women. He insisted he just wanted to watch me have sex with other men.
For a few hours everyone can forget the stresses of juggling normal life and live judgement free. That was the appeal for me - the ability to explore your sexuality whilst also maintaining an open, trusting relationship. How did I get here? When I was 25 I was cheated on.