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Thus, the aim was to evaluate the spatial dependence of soil physical attributes under bovine trampling. Soil samples were collected before and after grazing using a 6 x 6 m grid, totaling 36 sampling points. At each point, the bulk density, total porosity, moisture, soil penetration resistance at 0. Descriptive statistics and geostatistics supported the data analysis. A normal distribution was verified for all variables, which were scored as either low or high variability in terms of the variation coefficient. The physical attributes density, total porosity, moisture, soil penetration resistance and hydraulic conductivity of the soil sampled presented a strong spatial dependence before and after grazing.

The legal titan and the ‘Real Housewife’: The rise and fall of Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne


Back to list of subjects Back to Legal Publications Menu. A former federal prisoner sued under Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents, , U. A federal appeals court upheld rulings that the PLRA exhaustion requirement applied to May and that there was no genuine issue of material fact as to whether administrative remedies were available to the plaintiff, so that summary judgment for the prison camp administrator was properly granted. May v.

The millions Girardi poured into Democratic political campaigns made him a confidant of generations of power brokers, including Gov. Gavin Newsom, who last year gave the attorney an official role in filling coveted state judgeships. But now, in the twilight of his career, the year-old is facing the collapse of everything he holds dear — his venerable law firm, marriage and reputation as a champion for the downtrodden.
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