Muller lick the lid of life

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Airing today, the "lick the lid of life" TV campaign aims to establish the fun and positivity of the Muller brand through the unique personalities of everyday people, known as "lid lickers" because of their love of yoghurt and zest for life. The ad opens on a fairytale valley scene where the year-old is cradling the youngest of the lid lickers. The centenarian looks up and asks, "Do you lick the lid of life? The lid lickers are seen in chronological order, winding through the valley in a line as they all say "there's of us".

Muller 'lick the lid' campaign celebrates all ages

Muller Corner – Lick the lid of life

Maybe some of you have seen the Muller ads for the yogurt. Think about it. Have you ever opened a yogurt and not lick the lid? After I ate it, all I could think about was that stupid lid. The truth is, we want all of the best things in life.

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It would have discovered that an unusual characteristic of Muller's fruit corner yoghurts is the quantity of the product that sticks to the rectangular foil lid. That's a manufacturing problem - or it would be if consumers saw it as waste. But it also differentiates the brand from other dairy desserts. The research would also have revealed how people respond to that stray yoghurt: they lick it off. There's something faintly disgusting about this practice, but everyone does it.
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