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Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Download the full report in English. Annex: Letter to the Government of South Korea. These crimes are a form of gender-based violence, using digital images that are captured non-consensually and sometimes shared, captured with consent but shared non-consensually, or sometimes faked. These images are almost always of women and girls.

Untouched yet ruined: toll of S.Korea spycam epidemic

Untouched yet ruined: toll of spycam epidemic

The right title at the right time because indeed: the world is turned upside down. For example, this morning I read that a teacher in Rotterdam had to go into hiding because of a cartoon that had been hanging in the classroom for five years; today, November 5, , we still do not know for sure whether Biden or Trump will become the President of the United States, but we do know for sure that the Americans are divided amongst themselves to the bone; Covid is still among us, which means that museums and other cultural institutions have to close their doors again , art fairs are still being cancelled and, more than ever before in peacetime, we are confined to our homes. The world is turned upside down The discussion about what is and is not allowed in art has also recently flared up at the macro and micro level. The decision to postpone the retrospective exhibition of the work of the American artist Philip Guston until brought the museum to fierce criticism from the art world. Recently, a shockwave went through the Netherlands following the article 'How an artist makes a career under persistent allegations of sexual assault and rape' Lucette ter Borg, NRC, October 30, which showed that the Dutch art world shielded a well-known, seriously misbehaving Dutch artist. On top of this police and judicial authorities systematically ignored reports of assault, rape and other physical and psychological abuse and intimidation. An account promptly appeared on Instagram where artists, gallery owners and teachers at the art academy are openly and anonymously accused of transgressive behaviour, either of a sexual nature or else.

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South Korean parents Lee Young-tae left and Jeong Hee-ho right look at the photo of their daughter, who took her own life after she was filmed secretly in a so-called spycam porn case, during an interview at their home in Gimhae, South Korea December 14, Lee Yu-jung took her own life after a colleague secretly filmed her in the changing room of the hospital where they both worked, the country's first reported 'spycam' death. Footage of Lee was found among a bigger cache of video of women, all illegally snatched in the country's spycam epidemic, often with cheap devices as small as a key ring. I don't want to believe that she's gone," said Lee Young-tae, father of the year-old pathologist, who killed herself by leaping from a building in September. As digital sex crimes rise worldwide, South Korea has become the global epicentre of spycam - the use of tiny, hidden cameras to film victims naked, urinating or mid-sex.
In late January , during the same week that America first heard the ribald tale of the president and the intern, Variety tucked onto Page 5 a business story that caused no stir whatsoever. It soon became clear to me that these bicoastal stories, one from the nation's political capital and the other from its entertainment capital, were in some essential way the same story. In the weeks that followed, Washington commentators repeatedly predicted that the public would be scandalized by the nonmissionary-position sex acts performed illicitly in the White House. But just as repeatedly voters kept telling pollsters that they weren't blushing as brightly as, say, Cokie Roberts. The Variety story, I realized, may have in part explained why.