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Mixing chemicals in your bathroom and kitchen can be dangerous. For instance, putting ammonia and bleach together can create deadly chloramine gas. TikTok user goffgirl created a shockwave of fear when she said in a post that peeing in a shower while rinsing your hair dye out can cause a chemical reaction that makes mustard gas, a toxic blister agent that can cause horrible, delayed burns. A public health expert confirmed to Metro that there is no evidence to suggest the mustard gas rumor is true. In The Know is now available on Apple News — follow us here! Shoppers predict these cute Converse sneakers will go viral on TikTok.

No, peeing in the shower after dyeing your hair won’t create mustard gas

Cow pee for your hair and face - Times of India

Mixing chemicals in the bathroom or kitchen has always been a no-no, with some concoctions causing burns or even fatalities. In the video, posted by goffgirl, she speaks about how peeing in the shower while washing off your hair dye can actually cause a chemical reaction making mustard gas. Although goffgirl made a later TikTok explaining she was just joking, her theory seems to have gained traction among those wondering whether it would actually work. We love all these Brainiac remember that show? Save yourself the hassle and use a shower head to rinse off hair over the bath or sink.

TikTok users buy into disturbing rumor about bathroom chemicals

And Beverley Turner, 45, claimed her auburn locks had never been silkier since washing her hair in urine. Sick of her own split ends, mum-of-one Nilufer Atik, 43, from Surrey, decided to try it too - with mixed results. Her colleagues thought her hair was shinier than ever but she was paranoid she smelt like her son's early morning nappy. Once upon a time, I had wonderful hair. Long, thick and lustrous, I only needed to wash it three times a week, never used conditioner, and had so few split ends that a trip to the hairdressers was saved as a birthday treat.
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