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The gold medals and moments of high drama are all very well, but what about the strange little details that have marked out the Rio Olympics? Here are some of the curiosities and lesser-spotted oddities witnessed so far at the Games. US gymnasts' leotards are bedecked with thousands of crystals. Simple lycra is not enough for Team USA. At this tournament, many of the women gymnasts' leotards are adorned with nearly 5, Swarovski crystals. In the last century, Olympic leotards didn't differ much from the outfit your sister would wear to ballet class.

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Just think about the impact made by Venus and Serena Williams in the beginning of their careers, when they wore beaded braids. We talked to four professional athletes about their look, how they deal with their hair when competing and how their hair intersects with their identity. When it comes to her hair, the biggest challenge is making sure that none of it is easily available to pull during a competition. She utilizes braids, small ponytails or cornrows to keep her hair as close to her head as possible. I just try to keep it as clean and healthy as possible. Gray recently cut her long hair and is looking forward to less time spent getting it ready for a match.

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Dear Amy: I am a girl in my junior year of high school, and the volleyball coach won't let me compete until I shave my underarms and legs our uniforms are sleeveless tops and shorts. I don't want to be forced into something that I feel is completely unnecessary. Leg and underarm hair is a completely natural part of becoming a woman.
Tickets for Lacrosse and Softball are on sale now! It has always been so, dating to her days as a two-time NCAA national champion with Penn State and during a peripatetic professional career that has taken her to ports of call in Poland, Azerbaijan, Italy, Brazil and now, to Athletes Unlimited in the United States. For the past year-plus, there has been something else: She has embraced being bald. And she has done so boldly and proudly. The year-old McClendon has alopecia areata, an auto-immune condition that causes hair loss.