Slogans that piss off liberals

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Lindsey Graham has gone from Donald Trump's cutting critic to his dogged defender, a bipartisan dealmaker respected by Senate Democrats to a staunch conservative reviled by liberals across the country. CNN's David Wright contributed to this report. More Videos How Lindsey Graham is fighting to keep his Senate seat

The West Has Abandoned Liberals Like Me

The West Has Abandoned Liberals Like Me – Foreign Policy

Future scholars writing histories of international relations theory will certainly spare a chapter for the spate of recent obituaries mourning—some in sorrow, others in glee—the so-called liberal order. These obituaries are the latest entries in a decades-long paradigm debate over the ability, and responsibility, of democracies to spread their ideals elsewhere. Amid the global rise of nationalism and authoritarian populism, including in the West, the skeptics—those who argue that the appeal of liberal democracy may not be universal and anyone acting on the international stage would be wise to keep that in mind—have recently take the upper hand. But I also recognize that something important has gotten lost in the abstractions. There are many places where striving for liberty is a sin that rarely escapes punishment and where the leaden weight of that knowledge binds the liberal-minded together. What is an intellectual debate in the United States is a daily struggle there.

*The Pissed Off Liberal*

By Reuters Staff. Posts circulated on social media attribute a quote on liberals and conservatives to the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. The quote, however, is falsely attributed to him.
Although the blood-spattered offices will be off-limits, staff have vowed to continue producing the magazine. A passing off-duty school safety officer named Fred Lucas said that he had been told the man was a drug dealer. The off-year special election into which Duke threw himself drew little media notice at first.