Terms for female masturbation

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When it comes to masturbation speak, guys pretty much own the rights to the saying " jack off ," which makes me totally jealous because it is pretty much the perfect way to describe the act -- just the right amount of edgy boldness and not too insanely dirty. Of course, it's also very male. It's totally a guy's phrase. Women's masturbation lingo really needs a makeover. We need our own woman-centric phrase for "jacking off.

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Scandinavians have invented a gender-specific term for the art of self-pleasuring — but is the portmanteau problematic? S weden, you must stop! And now a word for female masturbation: klittra. The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education RFSU held a competition late last year that asked people to nominate words that women could use instead of having to — ahem — press into service the traditionally male-associated words and phrases that abound. We can all applaud the intention behind the competition and the choice.

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Female masturbation is great , but calling it "female masturbation"? Not always as fun. While there are many fun and common euphemisms for male masturbation, women are often left empty-handed so to speak. Maybe if we gave women more names for dialing their rotary phones, we'd be more inclined to talk about female masturbation in general. Dudes have a ton of wonderfully perverse and creative names for "charming the snake" so why can't ladies get a fair share of choices?
Have you hitchhiked south lately? How about auditioned the finger puppets? Tried rubbin' the nubbin'? I genuinely would not have realized these were meant to be terms for female masturbation , but apparently they are to someone. Terrifying, right?