Transvestites and their spouses

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She loved her husband. Could she love her transgender wife?

Questions and Answers For Spouses of Transgender Husbands or Wives

Coping with and understanding the issues of a Transgender loved one can be challenging. One of Lehigh Valley Renaissance's goals is to help the spouses, friends and family of our members in this area. Spouses and significant others inclusively SOs of transgender persons can face a number of unique challenges and questions — especially if the transgender partner has come-out after a number of years living in their assigned gender during the relationship. A key to success is to have a willingness to communicate with honesty and openness. You can find a list of counselors and therapists with gender experience on the LV Renaissance website. We have several spouses within our group who have gone through the same types of experiences and we want to provide you an opportunity to share your feelings, ask those tough questions and discover that you are not alone. Is My Spouse Mentally Ill?

Elizabeth Miller sat in her living room with her wedding album in her lap. Next to her in the pictures, wearing a gray morning coat, owlish glasses, and a thick beard, is her groom, Dan, who is now her wife, Diana. In many ways, she wishes Dan had never existed at all. As Diana talks about her response to these images, Elizabeth stays silent.
After 18 years together, Kris Kachirisky watched the love of her life dress for dinner and knew. They went for crab cakes, grabbed a window seat at a Lake Oswego restaurant overlooking the water. Alex Kachirisky, as Kris knew her spouse then, wore chinos and a button-down shirt. Soon, the clothes would be different. That name would be, too.