Virginity of asians

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She has just found out her relationship with boyfriend Ying Qin is over, after he found out she had had sex in the past. The scene from China's biggest soap opera right now, Ode to Joy, has triggered much discussion on whether virginity is still a prized asset for women in modern China. Ode to Joy, now in its second season, tells the stories of five beautiful women from different walks of life who live in the same floor of an apartment complex in Shanghai. The show, a less risque version of Sex and the City, is popular among women for its focus on romance, careers, friendships and the difficulties women face in the big city.

Asian countries lose virginity later

Asians losing virginity later: Survey - The Economic Times

You ever have that very moment when every single cell of your body was aroused and your body was open for anything? And all of a sudden, the guy just stopped right then and there because he found you lying there like a starfish? Me too. I had to beg the guy to continue to take my virginity. I wish the ground could open and swallow me up. I was 23 and thought I was too old to be a virgin. In a country where the majority of men all fancy of taking a girl's virginity to boost their ego, many women were surprised that their virginity freaks out many foreigners.

Why are almost half of Japan's millennials still virgins?

People in Asian countries lose their virginity at a much older age than those in the West, a worldwide study of sexual behaviour and contraceptive use shows. On average, the age for first having sex was The study, published today, showed Malaysians were the oldest to lost their virginity at
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