Woman doctor extracts sperm

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Their Mothers Chose Donor Sperm. The Doctors Used Their Own.

Sperm Retrieval: Treatment & Information - Urology Care Foundation

Growing up in Nacogdoches, Tex. Her mother, Margo Williams, now 65, had sought help from Dr. Kim McMorries, telling him that her husband was infertile. She asked the doctor to locate a sperm donor. He told Mrs. Williams that he had found one through a sperm bank in California. Williams gave birth to a daughter, Eve.

What to know about sperm analysis

There are many ways to get sperm. The method used depends on why sperm aren't in the semen, what the patient wants, and the surgeon's skill. At the base of the penis, sperm and testosterone male hormone are made in the scrotum's 2 testicles. The sperm leave the testicles through a coiled tube called the epididymis.
Surgical sperm retrieval happens to be a large part of my practice. Patients who want to conceive a pregnancy after vasectomy have essentially two options; Vasectomy reversal, or surgical sperm retrieval. Both options are outpatient procedures, though retrieval is typically faster and involves a somewhat easier recovery. Surgically retrieved sperm can only be used to initiate a pregnancy in the setting of in vitro fertilization which means the wife or female partner would need to undergo a procedure as well.